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1981-1984 The Jorvik Viking Center

York, England

Client: York Archaeological Trust


Design and Build of a ground breaking underground interpretive centre on a former archaeological site.


How to design a large visitor throughput immersive experience in a limited underground space.


Project Designer, Concept Development, script, art-direction and production design


PROJECTSAn underground detailed reconstruction of a section of 10th century Viking York based entirely on the archaeological evidence and finds from the original excavations which will lie forever directly beneath the concrete base of the building in which it is housed. Jorvik broke all the existing rules and all the barriers between the public and curatorial world. In its’ early days it was castigated and applauded at the same time.15 million paying visitors later, it has nothing to prove. Literally a groundbreaking and unique museological development, that changed the face of English museums for good and opened up the way for private entrepreneurship in partnership with the academic world.

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