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2006 Logandale Trails Conservation

Client: Bureau of Land Management Nevada Project: To devise methods to increase conservation mindedness among users of the Logandale Trails Desert recreational environment. JS was commissioned to write a fictional story that advocates conservation sensitivity in young all terrain vehicle (ATV) riders and to illustrate the story in a comic book style, for various applications, through audio-visual and print applications.

Problem: A large area of desert (40,000 acres) in public ownership open for recreational use by a wide range of public users; spiritual and thrill seekers in particular, is under threat from users who pay little heed to the sensitivity of the environment. The delicately balanced ecology evolved over undisturbed millennia, is being irrevocably damaged by the increasing use of all terrain vehicles. The landscape is also of intense religious significance to the local band of indigenous people, and contains many sacred sites.

Commission: Interpretive Designer, writer, illustrator

Solution: This first involved working with the local indigenous Iapa tribe members on their reservation and out in the landscape. The object was to understand the nature of the relationship of the indigenous people to the desert environment, and sacred sites. JS then devised a concept for a story that they would find respectful and in tune with the tribe’s mythic heritage. This was followed by the presentation of the concept to the tribal council. Once the council was in agreement in principle, the story was written and adapted to various forms.

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