John Sunderland

The curated works of the author & artist

1994-98 The Ename Museum

Flanders, Belgium

Client: The Provincial Government of East Flanders


Concept, scripts, audio-visual design and production design


Bring to life the archaeology and history of a small Flemish Community.


Project designer, writer. Oversee build and installation.


Live in the village and get to know it and its’ history. Then put together an intimate exhibit around many engaging stories linked to artifacts in an original way, which through local in connection have universal human appeal. Exhibits presented in traditional and original immersive ways.

Housed in a granted building at the heart of the village,

walk-through with in the upstairs areas custom-designed and built educational area for school visits. One of the attractive main features of the Ename Museum is how much it still fits into the village.

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