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1998-2001 Whalers Wharf Retail and Cultural Centre

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Client:  Provincetown Council through Binder Boland Inc.


Design concept and visualization for architects to detail.


A disastrous fire in 1998 destroyed a historic landmark theatre in the maritime area of historic Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. New build had to be designed and built quickly to stay within the local ordnance, which stated that in order for a new build to occupy the same footprint of the original (historic) building, a spade should be dug into the new site foundations within one year.


Project Concept Designer, illustrator.


Link Commercial Street (high street) with the sea and harbour through an internal boardwalk down the central spine of the building, which above was open to the sky. The building is three tiered with shops, galleries, studios, artist workshops, balconied walkways, and a central circular performance /exhibit space.

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