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Complete list of Museum and Cultural Heritage attraction projects by John Sunderland

The JORVIK VIKING CENTRE, YAT, York, England. (Original version open1984-2000, Project Designer)

The DYNAMIC EARTH, Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, Edinburgh, Scotland. (1987, Concept and Initial Visualisation)

The CANTERBURY TALES Heritage Projects, Canterbury, England. (Opened 1988, Project Designer)

The OXFORD STORY, University of Oxford and Heritage Projects.  Oxford, England. (Opened 1988, Project Designer)

The WHISKEY HERITAGE CENTRE, Edinburgh, Scotland. (Opened 1988, Project Designer)

The SPIRIT OF LONDON, Madame Tussauds Ltd. London, England. (Opened 1990, Concept Designer)

The WHITE CLIFFS EXPERIENCE, Dover District Council, Dover, England. (Opened 1991, Project Designer)

The EURO-TUNNEL VISITOR CENTRE, Euro Tunnel, Folkestone, England. (Opened 1993, Project Designer)

The MANNANAN CENTRE. Peel, the Isle of Man, The Museum of Man. (1991, Concept/Detailed Concept Designer)

The MAPPA MUNDI EXHIBITION, Hereford Cathedral, England. (1991, Project Producer and Designer)

The WEYMOUTH TIME-WALK, Weymouth, England.  (Opened 1992, Project Designer)

CELTICA, Machynlleth, North Wales. (Opened 1996, Project Designer)

QUEST FOR A PIRATE, Cape Cod, USA and world traveling. (Opened in Edinburgh 1996. Project Designer and Filmmaker)

BLUE PLANET AQUARIUM, Cheshire, England. (1996, Concept Designer)

ENAME, ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE INTERPRETATION, Oudenarde, Regional Government of Flanders. (Opened 1997, Project Originator and Designer)

ENAME MUSEUM. As above. (Opened 1998, Project Designer)

ENAME CENTRE FOR HERITAGE INTERPRETATION. As above. (Opened 2004, Project Design consultant for exhibit content)

TIMEFRAMES. Invention of world’s first on-site virtual and augmented reality synchronous interpretation of archaeological locations. 1997

WHALERS WHARF, Provincetown Town Council, Provincetown, Cape Cod, USA. (1998-2001, Building design concept, Design and Build Theatre and Exhibition Space, Produced and directed film Great Fire of Provincetown)

The RHEGED DISCOVERY CENTRE, Penrith, England. Private Client. (2000, Interpretive Project Designer and Filmmaker)

The NATIONAL MOUNTAINEERING EXHIBITION, British Mountaineering Association, Penrith, England. (Opened 2001, Project Designer)

NEW PROVINCETOWN LIBRARY, Provincetown Council, Cape Cod, USA. (2004, Logo Design, Designer)

FELLS POINT VISITOR CENTRE, Cultural Sites Research and Management, Baltimore, USA. (2006, Writer and Project Designer)

LOGANDALE TRAILS CONSERVATION PROJECT, Bureau of Land Management, USA, Nevada. (2006, writer, illustrator, designer)

YORK MINSTER VISITOR INTERPRETIVE SCHEME, York Minster, England. (2008, Designer and Concept Origination for the South Transept Exterior Plaza)


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