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On My Way To Jorvik

‘Why can’t museums be more like films?’ thought 11-year-old John Sunderland.

He was a truant in a West Yorkshire grammar school, a maths failure, a great respecter of art and history and loved films. He went on to create the iconic British TV cartoon character Dusty Bin and made films with the zany comedian Kenny Everett. He turned out to be the perfect person to solve the quandary of the British archeologists who wanted to bring the 10th century finds of Viking York to life for the public.

You’ll romp chortling through this uproarious, incredible behind-the-scenes account of the creation of the original Jorvik Viking Centre told with the unremitting Yorkshire wit of its Project Designer, John Sunderland.
‘I couldn’t put it down.’ Francis Pryor, archaeologist, author and Time Team presenter

‘The opening of the Jorvik Viking Centre was a watershed moment in the history not only of archaeological heritage management but also of archaeology itself. The buzz among the global community of archaeologists was immediate.’ – Douglas C. Comer, Ph.D., RPA, Co-President, ICOMOS International Scientific Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM)

“A witty, honest account… hugely entertaining and informative… fascinating behind-the-scenes insight”

– John Oxley, FSA, City Archaeologist, City of York Council

“(A)n amusing… thoroughly readable revealing story of the ride of [John’s] life, including the bumpy bits.”

– Colin C. Pyrah OBE
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ISBN: 979-8985440003
Published: March 2022
Editions: Paperback, ebook

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