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The Plank, Journal Entry 3. An apple a day keeps each other at bay

From Peter Techno Luddite



UAP Headquarters New York


Have you noticed how even the lives of us seniors is becoming

increasingly immersed, entangled and surrounded by new technology, whether it belongs to us our to friends and family. ‘Wired’ is a way of life that is not just about and for the younger generations, we too are now enmeshed in its’ web. Are we blindly going into a light that one day may be switched off or controlled in frightening ways. Here’s a thoughtful and heartfelt article from Peter who wishes to remain anonymous……



Dear Plankers


I am conflicted- no I’ll be honest, I am seriously concerned and worried.

Yesterday my wife took delivery of two new Apple Iphones, one for her and one for me.

She’s been lusting after them since watching her friend seemingly commanding her universe from its’ shiny glowing surface.

We were both excited that they had finally arrived.


Last night as her anxiety level rose as she attempted to set the units up and get switched on I looked around our home.

We have my twenty one year old daughter staying with us at the moment, so she of course came along with her techno baggage that allows her to be anywhere and at the same time in the midst of her ‘tribe’.


In a moment of clarity, I looked around our apartment and counted; one new flat screen tv and Blue Ray player, with all the attendant magic boxes, players, routers and cables. And as of last night 5 mobile phones, three land-line units and counting the old machines that now live on shelves silently

falling into deep hibernation, 6 laptops between us. 6!


These let alone other gadgets that now we seem to be unable to live without. All these devices are receiving signals and sending them through the invisible ether soup and of course through us.

However as you may have guessed we are not against the techno revolution- far from it we use all these gifts every day. In so many ways the new communications technology has enhanced our lives and enabled us to live, communicate and ‘experience’ if virtually, the greater world in an extraordinary fashion.


But as my wife got more worked up last night, bent over two phones and two laptops and I watched a documentary streaming from Netflix via computer controls to our big screen tv. And my daughter laughed to herself with her headphones on at the antics of her friends on Facebook four thousand miles away. Yet non of us were talking to each other! Whether in fact we are already way too far into this technology addiction that is not just enabling our lives, and all the lives of the people we know, that insidiously we had allowed the new technology to take over our lives. What if this revolution is a curse not a boon, one that we can’t, no refuse to see ?

I mean what would happen to us

if the electricity died and never came back- well I know we would probably starve and die of thirst first, but would we be left speechless and helpless- or would we start talking again?


As I thought these thoughts , I picked up the marvel of the new shiny Iphone; it’s pandora’s box of delights which I have yet to open. I turned it over in my hand marveling at it’s seductive shiny surface and for the first time I looked at the Apple symbol, and the bite taken out of the apple, and shivered inside, though I am not a religious man I thought about what Eve had given to Adam and wondered if there were two apples on the tree?


(By the way I have written this on my marvelous Apple lap top and will be forwarding it to UAP via email- so guess I’ll just take another bite).

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