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The Plank, Journal entry 5. From the Director,

From the Director,

Good Morning,

Received this curious message from ‘George’, no surname supplied from




I am writing this from beyond the grave, yes we souls have access to the internet,

the trick is to know the access code.

I’ll be brief; I am here in limbo, between heaven and hell and not at all sure where I am going after this. Though I have been taking classes in ‘forgiveness therapy’ and if I get it ‘forgiveness’ right (for which read truthfully and sincerely), I should get a gold star which will help me in an upwardly fashion; there are several levels to this and ten ‘forgives’ to give for each; childhood, teenage and young adult, senior. Here goes with childhood. And if I have missed anyone out, please forgive me.


1To Arnold, who bent my tree wheeler and never said he was sorry. I forgive you.


2To my dad who put the nappy pin through the nappy, and me. I forgive you.


3To Miss Dixon, who made me sit and eat a plate of cold semolina after all the other kids had gone out to play. I forgive you.


4    To my cousin Andrew who took unwrapped and played with my Christmas present, and broke it’s wheel off. I forgive you.


5   To Mr. Dixon the Dentist. I forgive you.


6   To my brother Brian for a list of things it would take an eternity to mention. I forgive you.


7   To Sandra, who said she would always be my girlfriend, I forgive you.


8    To Robert who laughed when his rabbit peed on me before school. I forgive you and your rabbit.


9     To Thumper Thompson the school bully, for tripping me up in the lunch line and sticking a sausage in my ear. I forgive you.


10   For Eileen, who told me I was too thick to go out with anymore. I forgive you.

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