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The Plank, Journal Entry 2. Eileen Dudley’s list of wonderful things.

From UAP headquarters New York.


Well here’s a thing to cheer the heart of even the most bellicose of Plankers. Just goes to show that we don’t need much to make us happy.


Hello everyone,


Having read the two lists of that very sad gentleman who passed lately, (Mr. Blenheim) and with so much bad news about, and the possible end of the world in sight, I thought I would share a list of the little things that makes my life at least

so very happy and content. It’s good I think to concentrate on the positive, don’t you? There are so many things, most of them small things, I can’t think of them all just now, but here’s a few.

-My cat Joey (though he’s old now he’s still my best friend.

-The tick of my father’s old clock.

-Winding up my father’s clock.

-A full bottle of milk (not those plastic things).

-The smell of a new newspaper.

-Putting clean sheets on the bed.

-Digestive biscuits.

-My grandchildren.

-My daughters Helen and Alice.

-Apples on a tree.

-Looking at oranges.

-perfectly done toast.

-The first fifteen minutes after the grandkids have gone.

-Making beef stew.

-Putting a chocolate cake (I baked) on the table.

-Tea and pouring it. (Darjeeling).

-My photo albums.

-Being made a fuss of (but not for long).

-Getting my pension.

-The Indian gentleman who runs the corner shop.

-Polishing the sideboard.

-The smell of beeswax polish.

-Wrapping Christmas presents.

-Choosing writing and posting birthday cards.

-My best friend of many years, Katherine Beston.

-The children I used to teach at Wentworth Junior School.

(that will do for now, time for a nice cup of tea and a digestive biscuit).

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