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The Plank, Journal Entry 1. ‘The Plankers Journal’

The great thing about ‘The Plank’ is whilst the walk to the end might be shaky, it’s up to each of us to decide what we are going to fall down into.

Well, what is this you’re reading, what I call ‘The Plank’?  Well it’s this mortal coil, the shorter end of it, flattened out and made out of wood, and sticks out the side of the ship of Life that we have been traveling on and appears only at the point when you realize that Life for you and me is not going on forever. The Plank is a different state of mind, one that accepts the inevitable and yet finds life amusingly ironic……. if you recognize that you are on the Plank then that makes you a Planker, welcome to the Association!

We invite your comments and your stories real or fictional.

Personally,  I’ve decided that when I fall off I’ll end up as a patch of green grass, in a meadow lush and sun-warmed on a south facing slope on the side of a dale, somewhere in my home County of North Yorkshire. A patch of grass, I quite fancy that, unless I’m under a cow-pat. Assuming I’m not, after a few days of waving about and getting to know small creatures, I shall get chomped off, almost to the roots, by a happy freisian cow. Now this is the interesting bit, once inside the cow for a while it will be warm, wet and churny. Then I’ll re-appear in a glass of milk, with lots of other Plankers now turned into milk. Like you others, I’ll be glad to get out of the fridge and into Mary or Derek, and thereafter will be part of her for a few years. As part of Mary we’ll have a few kids, go ice-skating, be a champion swimmer, get to know what it’s like to be a woman(if you were a chap), watch lots of movies, have babies etc., play bridge. Until one day,she gets totally fed up with it, and jumps off one; the plank not the babies. And then that part of me will become something else. See how this works, told you it was fun.

But before we get to the falling, jumping or being pushed off the end bit, there are a few more (I hope) years of self-realization along it.

Next year I will be sixty along with my wife, and though I know that we’re all supposed to believe that sixty is the new six and a half, I have become more conscious of the things that start to become apparent in one’s senior daily life. The usual things, like forgetfulness, wearing a hat, putting off cutting my toe-nails for another month, and little routines that give structure and sense of meaning to the day. Well I’m not going to dwell on the usual Old Timers complaints, or where we are ultimately going, but other observations of Life as viewed as I totter towards the end.
So come on, let’s take a walk, oh there’s just one rule, don’t fall off, yet!

Please add a comment or story fictional or real and join the club……

John Sunderland. Founder member of the Plankers Association.

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